Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Vs Google Nexus 6 – Fight B/w Two Champions

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Vs Google Nexus 6 – Fight B/w Two Champions

The Samsung galaxy note is Samsung Electronics manufactured and marketed pen-computing series.  As such, all galaxy note series productions include a Wacom digitizer, which is pressure sensitive, and a stylish pen. Google Nexus series on the other hand is developed by Google in collaboration with several android operating system manufacturer partners.

In order of production, Nexus One was co-developed by HTC and Google and was first released onto the market in January of 2010. This was followed by Nexus S, which was co-developed with Samsung, then came Galaxy Nexus also by Samsung. Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 closely followed this. There also exist Nexus tablets namely Nexus 8 and Nexus 10 as well as other Nexus devices including Nexus Q- a media-streaming device that was shelved a few months after its release.

Samsung galaxy note 4 is a phabet (a device that is large then a Smartphone and smaller than a tablet), which is reportedly scheduled for release later in the year. Its release will make it the successor of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Google Nexus 6 on the other hand is reportedly scheduled for release in the first quarter of the year and it is to succeed the Nexus 5 series.

Even with unconfirmed speculations and rumors by various technology forums and sites on how the coveted note 4 will look like, users are already crazed with the phabet. Nexus 6 was on the other hand rumored to be co-developed by LG to boost the manufacturer’s sales. This comes after the latest production by LG saw few sales on the market and unconfirmed reports have it that the design will be savvy to attract customers.

The Samsung galaxy note 4 is expected to integrate some of the best Smartphone-tablet features to make your easy life even easier.  Reportedly, Samsung will use its first finger print technology on this new series in addition to scanning technology. This will not only prevent unauthorized access but it will also ensure maximum protection of your valuable private data.

Google Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6

Nexus 6 on the other hand is designed for easy budgeting. Being sale oriented, the Smartphone is expected to sale at pocket friendly prices and it will feature various upgrades and polishes on the Nexus 5 model.  Upon its release, nexus 6 is expected to operate on a Snapdragon, clock at a maximum speed on a 3GB internal memory and on Android 5.0. Other major upgrades will be on the screen and camera features.  The release of both Samsung galaxy note 4 and Nexus 6 is designed to make your easy life even easier.

To know more about Google Nexus 6 release date, specs & features, visit the link provided.

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