Nexus 6 Price | Specs | Features | News | Rumors And Everything You Need To Know

Nexus 6 Price | Specs | Features | News | Rumors And Everything You Need To Know

Nexus 6

Nexus 6 With Curved Body and Display

Google’s next in line Nexus smartphone, the Nexus 6 is already being rumored with lots of concepts releasing and specs which are almost close to the real thing. The Nexus started up as a simple smartphone which offers pure Android™ experience without any bloatware or anything to lag it, and it was priced so low that even other companies found it tough to beat the Nexus competition. Well, this goes for the same with Nexus 6, which as we all have seen is going to be an improvement over the current Nexus 5 smartphone. Let’s take a dive into what the Nexus 6 will pack in terms of hardware.

Google Nexus 6 @

Google Nexus 6 @

Google Nexus 6 Specifications

Display and Body

The Nexus 6 will pack a 5.2 inch display with a resolution of 2560×1440 with a pixel density of 550. As the rumors state that the next Nexus is going to be manufacture by LG again, we can see an IPS panel which will offer good color reproduction and beautiful and bright screen not to mention visibility in sunlight too. The whole body will be made out of Aluminium with some polycarbonate filling here and there. As current gen smartphones follow the trend of slimness, Nexus 6 will be measuring 7 to 8mm thickness.

Processor, Memory and Camera

The Nexus 6 will pack the next generation Snapdragon SoC clocked at 2.3Ghz with Adreno graphics helped along with 3GB of RAM. This is too much interms of pure Android processing because we don’t have any UI elements to lag the device. Nexus 6 will be an ideal phone for everyday use and if you’re a gamer, this tech device won’t let you down. Camera is one of the most reviewed hardware these days in a smartphone as people don’t want lug around a DSLR or a digicam instead carry their smartphone and the Nexus has only seen a bit of improvement in terms of camera. But this is not going to hold true for the next Nexus as it will come with an improved sensor, may be 13 or 21 with Optical Image Stabilization and better nigh time picture and 4K video recording capabilities.

OS and Battery

The Nexus 6 with all these specification should need battery which can last it for a day with heavy usage. We might see a 3000mAh battery or more to run the device. And in terms of software we can expect to see the next version of Android, which is going to be Android 5.0 in the Nexus. There will be no more edges between the wallpaper and the notification section and the division between that area will be completely eliminated, and with a vivid screen like mentioned above, it can’t get any gorgeous than that.

Nexus 6 Release Date

Nexus fans can’t wait for the launch of this astonishing flagship device from Google and going through the trend followed by last two Nexus Series devices (Nexus 4 and Nexus 5) which were launched early in the month of November, we can be expect that next device that is, Google Nexus 6 can be launched near to it September 2014 or before it. With the growing needs & demand of Smartphones and the type of response Google got from Nexus 5 in the market, there is very much possibility that this device can be launched in the second quarter of 2014, respectively.

Nexus 6 @

Nexus 6 @

Many people have stopped using Computers and Laptops and are moving towards the next-generation Smartphones and tablets. Let us have a look what might be the release date of Google Nexus 6 around the world.

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Country Release Date
India October 2014
Sri Lanka October 2014
Belgium September 2014
Germany September 2014
South Africa October 2014
New Zealand September 2014
Indonesia October 2014
Iraq October 2014
Iran October 2014
Hong kong September 2014
UK September 2014
Canada September 2014
US September 2014
Denmark September 2014
Italy September 2014
China October 2014
Russia September 2014
Australia September 2014
Korea September 2014
Singapore September 2014
Malaysia September 2014

Just hope for the best, to get its launch in the second-quarter of 2014.

Nexus 6 Price

The price of Google’s Sixth Generation Smartphone, Nexus 6 might will again be a low-price phone to grab as opportunity. Nexus 6 will definitely come out with an Android-upgrade, irrespective of whether it will come with 4.4.2 or any other new version out of the box.

Google Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6

Country Price
India Rs 36,000
Sri Lanka 90000 Sri Lankan rupee
Belgium Euro 490.95
Germany Euro 490.95
South Africa 6600 South African Rands
New Zealand 700 New Zealand Dollars
Indonesia 6609500 Indonesian Rupiah
Iraq $600
Iran $600
Hong kong 4000 Hong Kong dollar
UK $600
Canada 680 Canadian dollar
US $600
Denmark 4299 Danish Krone
Italy Euro 592
China 4800 Chinese Yuan
Russia 28,000 Ruble
Australia 899 Australian dollar
Korea 846100 South Korean Won
Singapore 999 Singapore dollar
Malaysia 2650 ringgit

Let us wait & watch, how the game of Google Nexus 6 plays. If you have any Queries or something to share with us regarding this smartphone, then do comment below this article. We will try our best to reach you. Do not forget to share this valuable Smartphone news with your buddies on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Happy Nexus !!!!

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