Nexus 6 New Concept Confirmed And Images

Nexus 6 New Concept Confirmed And Images

The all new Nexus 6 Concept 2014


Nexus 6

Nexus 6 With Curved Body and Display

Google Nexus 6


Nexus 6 @

Nexus 6 @


Nexus 6 @

New Nexus 6 @


Google Nexus 6 @

New Google Nexus 6 @

Let us wait & watch, how the game of Google Nexus 6 plays. If you have any Queries or something to share with us regarding this smartphone, then do comment below this article. We will try our best to reach you. Do not forget to share this valuable Smartphone news with your buddies on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Happy Nexus !!!!

Rishi Ramesh

Tech geek, love gadgets, design obsessed, always come up with new designs and concepts, gamer.

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1 Response

  1. RISHI says:

    Well there will be a tough competition between iphone 6 and nexus 6 can’t wait to see it!!

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